Trafalgar Castle Towns

Whitby combines a small-town atmosphere with the sophistication and amenities of a large urban centre. Arts and culture contribute significantly to the quality of life in Whitby, promoting health, family enjoyment, community interaction, learning and creativity. There are many arts and cultural assets in Whitby including the Whitby Public Library and Whitby Museum in downtown Whitby.

Residents and visitors enjoy art exhibitions and displays at the Station Gallery and local theatrical performances offered by the Whitby Courthouse Theatre. The Centennial Building is an anchor in Whitby’s arts and culture community and is home to the Whitby Courthouse Theatre.

Throughout the year, there are arts and cultural events in Whitby that integrate art, music, theatre, and activities for all ages.

Whitby largely features detached houses, accounting for 69% of sales, followed by townhouses at 15% and condo townhouses at 4%. 2-storey houses are the most common style and the majority of properties have 3 bedrooms. The average price in Whitby over the past 12 months is $573,438, an increase of 20% over the same period last year. The average freehold price over the past 12 months is $603,455 as compared to the average condo price of $346,484 over the same period.

The Town maintains 125 parks with 950 acres of active parkland, over 1000 acres of passive open space and beaches, and approximately 60 kilometres of trails. They are wonderful places to stay active, relax and enjoy in your leisure time.

Transit is always an advantage, minutes away from two major highways 401 and 412, and Durham Region Transit stop right at the doorstep of the project.


  • 40 Units, Stacked Towns*
  • Second mortgage financing- up to $4,500,000
  • Rate- 8% annual fixed rate of return, paid quarterly
  • Deferred Lender Fee- 2% annual fixed rate of return, paid upon project completion**
  • Term- 24 months***
  • Eligibility- Cash, RRSP, TFSA, LIRA, LIF, RIF
  • Security- Principal secured via mortgage charge on property
  • Investment Minimum- $35,000

*units may vary
**project completion: when units are sold and registered
***developer has option to extend by 6 months

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