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Toronto is becoming a great world city

An article in The Guardian, a daily paper from the UK calls Toronto the Toronto: the most fascinatingly boring city in the world. An article stated that, "Last year, the increasing population of Toronto passed the declining population of Chicago. Comparisons come naturally. What Chicago was to the 20th century, Toronto will be to the…
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The Economist says “Go Canada”

The well-respected Economist magazine writes that Canada "holds lessons for other Western countries". What can other Western countries learn from Canada's example? "First, Canada not only welcomes newcomers but works hard to integrate them. Its charter of rights and freedoms proclaims the country’s “multicultural heritage”. Not every country will fuse diversity and national identity in the same…
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Globe & Mail comments on GTA housing market

House prices are going up in the GTA. Why? According to Margaret Wente of the Globe & Mail the reason is because government gets in the way of new developments. Agree or disagree, the population is exploding. Around 80,000 people, mostly immigrants, are moving to the GTA every year and “We aren’t building houses in…
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Canada ranked best travel destination in 2017 by Lonely Planet guide

Lonely Planet, the popular international holiday guide, has named Canada the best travel destination in 2017. Here is another example from a stream of accolades that describe how Canada is a desirable place to visit and live. It is one of the reasons why Landmark Affiliates is committed to the real estate investment opportunities in Canada's leading center…
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